Research and Development Leader

Open Opportunity


Dear The Society members and Resonant Hearts,

Faculty of Green Earth is seeking a creative individual with open mind and basic scientific credentials to lead the research and development in areas of Ecological and Evolutionary Biology.

The ideal candidate

Should be proficient and comfortable with the activities of:

Plant developmental biology including terrestrial ecology
Molecular and Cell Biology including Genomics
Microbe interactions with focus on anaerobic digestion
Physio and Psychological plant responses to multiple environmental factors
Biology of microorganisms, decomposition, soil and sediment nutrient cycling
Evolution, genetics of plants, mutation rates, polyploidy, mating systems, self fertilization, flower development, molecular evolution
Telemetric bioenergetics
Quantitative and qualitative population genetics, pedigree algorithm, relatedness, heritability, breeding value estimation, marker assisted selection
Aquaponics and its application to the genetic management of natural and semi-synthetic resources
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