9th Street BMX



9th Street BMX. For the past 25 years, the South side of Duncan Park has been used as a BMX bicycle Jumping/Trail spot. It has been hand built by the local riders with very minimal involvement from the City of Austin and absolutely zero compensation. We are the National Trails of Texas.

9th Street; as it is called by the locals, is an ongoing community cooperative work project. A completely self organized and self directed movement. Non-profit and non-discriminatory. An internationally recognized BMX monument. 9th Street has helped shape Austin into the BMX mecca it is today. It has a very positive financial and economic impact on the local community. Created from free labor by good samaritans. 9th Street creates a unique, hand-built, BMX paradise for all ages to enjoy. Keeping Austin Weird.

We have "Adopted" Duncan Park through the Austin Parks Foundation (APF) Adopt-a-Park Sponsored Fund Account. We work with the local community and the City of Austin, Parks and Recreation Department (PARD), Schoal Creek Conservancy, Original Austin Neighborhood Association (OANA),and the Austin Parks Foundation to the benefit of the park. If you get a chance to visit, please take a moment watch how things work. Be friendly, talk to a local rider. Please pick up your trash and have fun.
2 People | 15 Impacts | 41 Hours