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Welcome to City of Clearwater Parks and Recreation Volunteer Program!

Please select "Become Member" (above) to fill out a one-time volunteer application/interest form and to access all available volunteer opportunities. 


If you are looking to join in on a one-day volunteer event, please also become a member of our "One-Day Opportunities" page. 

One-Day Opportunities:
  • Beach/park clean ups
  • Painting
  • Mulching
  • Planting
  • Invasive Removal

If you are looking for a long-term, ongoing volunteer position, please become a "member" of the recreation facility or nature park where you are interested in volunteering and complete the required position specific application.

*Note* Additional steps are required for long term volunteer positions e.g. background check, fingerprinting, interview, training, etc.

Long Term/Ongoing Positions:
Call: 727-562-4873


The mission of the City of Clearwater Volunteer program is to assist with and improve city programs, services, facilities and beautification by recruiting, training and retaining volunteers from the local community. The generosity of our volunteers helps to provide the community with meaningful programs, events, and safe scenic landscapes to work, play, and live in.
Sustainable Development Goals
(01/01/2021 - Present)

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