9/11 Unity Walk



In the past six years, the Walk has focused on a variety of themes: Gandhi, MLK, the youth, service, and peace. This year participants will join the world in commemorating the tenth anniversary of September 11 with the Annual Walk with the theme: From different walks, we serve as one. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, 9/11 Unity Walk has expanded in order to achieve its objectives: experiential education, compassionate leadership, and intentional service. In addition to the Annual Walk, Unity Walk sponsors the Diverse Cuisines Program, community dialogue, fundraisers, speakers, organizational partnerships, and the Interfaith Youth Action Group. It creates opportunities for collaborative and cooperative action and understanding between diverse groups of people. Unity Walk seeks to build bridges of understanding and respect in a post September 11th world, highlighting how we are united rather than divided by our many faiths.

Mission: 9/11 Unity Walk brings together people of all ages, backgrounds and faiths to learn to respect each other through a framework of experiential education, compassionate leadership and intentional service. Unity Walk seeks to create a world where we are united, rather than divided, by our many faiths.
7 People | 13 Impacts | 44 Hours